Experienced or Experiencing Financial Difficulties?

Florida Capital Recovery Team expertly dedicates to helping property owners that are experiencing, or have experienced, financial difficulties. We provide available options to obtain the best outcome when facing foreclosure or tax deed sales from unpaid property taxes. On many occasions, we have recovered funds owed to previous property owners.


RETENTION (Keeping the property)

Option Description
Deferment A payment deferral moves an overdue mortgage balance to the end of the loan term and immediately brings the loan to a current status. This is commonly used for borrowers with a short -term hardship who can afford to resume their normal payment. The deferred amount becomes dues at the same time as the last mortgage payments.
Repayment Repayment plans allow a borrower time to catch up on late payments by allowing arrears to be repaid in installments over several months to bring the mortgage current. Repayment plan amounts need to be paid in addition to the borrower’s normal mortgage payment.
Forbearance Forbearance plans allow a borrower to make reduce mortgage payments or no mortgage payments for a specific period without being foreclosed upon. Missed payments are not waive during forbearance and will need to be paid back later.
Modification A modification changes the terms of the original loan and may reduce monthly payment amounts. Common modification terms include reducing the interest rate, extending the length of the loan, forbearing or reducing principal, and recapitalizing missed payments into the principal balance.

NON-RETENTION (Transitioning from the property)

Option Description
Short Sale A short Sale allows a borrower to transition out of the home without going through foreclosure. This alternative allows a borrower to sell the home for less than the balance remaining on the mortgage, and the servicer accepts this partial payoff amount as full satisfaction of the mortgage balance.
Deed-in-Lieu A deed-in-lie allows the borrower to transition out of the home without going through foreclosure proceedings. It is an alternative to foreclosure, which allows a borrower to voluntarily transfer ownership of the property to the owner of the mortgage in exchange for a release from the mortgage loan and payments.



Option Description
Recovery Let us know if you, or a family member, had a property foreclosed. We will conduct a thorough investigation and will inform you if we are able to recover funds on your behalf.